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BRENMOOR INFAFAST – premium baby printable hospital bracelets

Zebra, Citizen, TSC, Intermec, TEC, Brother & Avery thermal printer compatible barcode hospital wristbands

childs printed hospital braceletProduct Description

A flexible version of the most popular, printable paediatric hospital bracelet used in UK hospitals.

BRENMOOR’s INFAFAST hospital wristband is from a selection of our comprehensive range of  childs hospital bracelets. Expandable from new-born, through toddler and small children.

Available in white, red, blue and pink as standard (with options for more colours - contact us with your specific request), they offer extreme high quality printing of text, barcodes and images without the requirement for expensive ribbon or inks.

Attached by means of the BRENMOOR ultra-comfortable secure wristband clasp. Once printed the bracelet is completely resistant to water, soaps, alcohol and all common chemicals used in hospital wards, theatres and laboratories to reduce the threat of patient infections.

They have been designed for use in the majority of common, direct thermal transfer printers including Zebra’s 2844, 2824 & G-Series ranges, as well as most TEC, Citizen, TSC, Maxatech, Intermec, Brother and Avery models. As with all other BRENMOOR products, they are designed to accept GS1 standard barcode formats.

childs patient hospital wristband


  • Flexible paediatric hospital bracelet from our patented range of best selling printable hospital bracelets range
  • Scalable hospital bracelet – fits from new-born to larger child
  • Great value for money – secure fitting, robust design and high-resistance means fewer wristbands used per patient stay
  • Innovative thermal print material removes the need for expensive printer inks or ribbons
  • Resistant to water, alcohol, soaps and most common chemicals used for infection-control
  • Easily printed with barcodes, images and text - using wide range of compatible, direct thermal printers from leading hardware manufacturers
  • Hypoallergenic construction – no natural latex is contained within any of the raw materials
  • Robust and durable with enhanced long-life usage – suitable for both short and long-term patient stays
  • Enhanced print-area will accept larger, clear text for easier patient identification
  • Optional barcode print feature for additional patient safety – fully compatible with GS1 standard barcode formats
  • Can be used in conjunction with HiruMed LMS (Label Management System) or printed from existing proprietary print software
  • Robust and durable – suitable for both short and long-term patient stays
  • Extremely comfortable to wear – adjustable length, soft-feel, hypoallergenic material and clasp designed to stop pressure sores
  • Innovative safety design will allow every hospital bracelet to break before causing patient any discomfort
  • Simple, easy process to secure to patients wrist – reduces time spent on patient Admissions
  • Supplied as standard in white, red, blue & pink – all colours can be manufactured upon request
  • Available from BRENMOOR direct, via the UK NHS Supply Chain or from worldwide partners

Benefits by Department


  • Comprehensive range of adult childrens hospital bracelets available
  • Thermal print process requires no printer inks or ribbons
  • Larger print area accepts both barcode and text identification
  • Supplied on quick-load rolls for speed and convenience
  • High-quality print process ensures clearer, more legible print
  • Innovative FAST clasp system means simple to secure to patients

Hospital & Risk Managers

  • Resistant to water, alcohol, soaps and common hospital chemicals
  • Easy implementation process using existing IT hardware & software
  • BRENMOOR wristbands comply with all aspects of patient safety
  • All wristbands are compatible with GS1 standard barcode formats
  • Natural, latex-free materials reduce possibility of allergic reactions
  • Patented system enables cross-matching with blood/tissue samples

IT Departments
  • Will function with standard proprietary print software
  • Simple wristband set-up and implementation process
  • Can be printed in vast majority of direct thermal printers
  • Can be used with GS1 standard barcode formats
  • High quality print registration marks allow immediate detection
  • Large print area can include barcodes, text and images


  • High quality print accepts large text for easier patient identification
  • Comprehensive range available for infant, children and adult patients
  • Print process requires no print consumables – inks or ribbons
  • Wristbands are supplied on rolls for quick-load of printer hardware
  • Quick and easy to attach with FAST clasp system
  • Easy to scan where wristbands include printed barcode information


  • Comfortable to wear with soft-feel material and adjustable length
  • Unique comfort clasp fastener design stops pressure sores
  • Hypoallergenic construction materials are free from natural latex
  • Innovative designed wristband will break before causing patient injury
  • Resistant to water, alcohol, soaps and common hospital chemicals
  • Multiple print process ensures accurate patient identification

  • Low-cost variant of our premium FAST100 hospital wristband
  • Incredibly competitive prices and low-cost implementation
  • Easy order process and next-day, stock deliveries
  • Thermal print requires no additional expensive print consumables
  • Compatible with GS1 standard barcode formats
  • Works with all common printer hardware and software systems

Technical Information

Our complete range of adult and childs hospital bracelets can all be printed using common direct thermal transfer printers including Zebra, Citizen, TSC, Intermec, TEC, Brother & Avery.

In addition, they also share the following technical features:

  • All parts are manufactured solely within the United Kingdom
  • Fully resistant to water, alcohol, soaps and commonly used hospital chemicals
  • Construction materials are hypoallergic and produced free from natural latex
  • Can be printed using existing proprietary print software systems or HiruMed LMS solution
  • Use standard direct thermal printers without additional modification
  • All product ranges can be supplied as RFID wristbands complete with enhanced patient identification technology

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Order Information

We carry stocks of all of our popular ranges of hospital wristbands allowing us to fulfil over 90% of customer orders within 24 hours.

This particular range of BRENMOOR childrens and adults hospital bracelets are supplied as follows:

  • In quantities of 5 rolls, each containing 100 wristbands
  • Total of 500 wristbands, complete with 500 clasps
  • Shipped heat-sealed within a clear cellophane wrapping

Select from the following colours:

  • White wristbands with white printable panel – order INFAFAST
  • Red wristbands with red border and white printable panel – order INFAFAST-Red
  • Blue wristbands with blue border and white printable panel – order INFAFAST-Blue
  • Pink wristbands with pink border and white printable panel – order INFAFAST-Pink

Please quote the following NHS Purchasing Reference No.’s:

  • White wristbands - FSL702
  • Red wristbands - FSL703

Placing an Order

All of our printed hospital bracelets and hospital labels ranges are available to order from the following channels:

  1. Through NHS Supply Chain using your normal ordering methods – please quote the NHS Purchasing No.’s as above
  2. Direct from BRENMOOR by calling 0845 807 1090 or by email via orders[at]brenmoor.com
  3. From one of our Distribution partners – please contact us to locate your local supplier

Product Videos

A selection of videos of the BRENMOOR range of patient identification products are available to view below.

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Product Images

A selection of images of the INFAFAST best-selling childs printed hospital bracelet are available to view and download below.

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Print Management Software

Our range of hospital bracelets and labels can be printed using most common proprietary print software solutions. Although, we recommend HiruMed’s LMS (Label Management System) software, which has been designed exclusively with BRENMOOR to work with our patient id solutions.

HiruMed have been producing trusted software for the healthcare industry for many years. Their systems provide a versatile, simple way of printing to our hospital wristbands and hospital label stationary. A selection of  templates are pre-installed to work exclusively with our full product range.

By using fully user definable templates, HiruMed LMS can print on a wide range of materials using any label printer supporting the EPL, ZDL & TSC label scripting formats.

Software Features:

  • Quick and easy to install and configure
  • Requires no network connection to hospital patient administration systems
  • Supplied with a selection of templates to print the complete range of BRENMOOR products
  • Provides an audit of historical print transactions
  • User interface is fully configurable, enabling customisation to meet local needs
  • Will print to devices from various manufacturers when connected to the same PC using a single license

System Requirements:

  • IBM or 100 percent compatible
  • IBM PC running Windows XP or greater
  • 10 MB of free disk space
  • CD-ROM and a minimum of 1 appropriate printer port
  • Suitable direct thermal transfer printer

For More Information

If you require additional information on printing to our range of patient identification products, require software licences for HiruMed Label Management System or wish to be sent sample products or organise a trial, you can contact us on 0845 807 1090 or email us via the contact page.

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Regulatory Information

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Below are a selection of guidance notes from the former NPSA programme of work on safer patient ID – matching patients correctly with samples, specimens, records and treatment.

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Standardising wristbands improves patient safety 

Safer Practice Notice recommending standardisation of wristband design, patient identifiers, colour coding, printing and processes for producing, applying and checking wristbands.

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